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How To Stream XBOX without a Capture Card

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Streaming your xbox without a capture is an easy process and doesn’t cost a dime. Take a look at our tutorial.

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In this tutorial, we will cover how you can stream your XBOX one without using a capture card.

(Note: It is possible to stream directly from the XBOX using the Mixer/Twitch app, but this doesn’t allow you to have overlays, alerts, themes, face cams, and all the other great stuff that comes with Broadcasting Apps!  See our article on Best Broadcasting Apps!)

1. Pre-requisites

To get started you’ll want to have a few things installed on a Windows PC:

  • XBOX App from the Microsoft Store ( )
  • Your Broadcasting app – This tutorial will use OBS Studio [Free] ( )

2. Connect XBOX One to the App

  • Open the XBOX app you installed from the Microsoft store.
  • Click on the Connection icon on the left hand side.
  • At the top click the Add a Device button
  • Enter the IP Address of your Xbox
    • This can be found in your Xbox’s Network and Internet Settings

(Note: Sometimes the App can find your xbox directly, if so you can click the icon for your xbox shown and skip the step to enter the IP Address.)

  • With your Xbox powered on, you’ll see a Stream button, click that to open a video feed to your Xbox!

You’ll now have a fullscreen window with a video feed of what is currently displayed on your Xbox! Congratulations you’ve Setup the Xbox!

3. Setting up the Broadcasting App

Now that we have the Xbox setup, let’s get the Broadcasting app setup to use it. As we mentioned above, we will show how to set this up with OBS Studio, but these instructions will work for any Broadcasting app that support window/Desktop capture

  • Open up OBS Studio and select the Scene you wish to display the Xbox window in.
  • Click the + button Under Sources to add a source to the scene
  • From the Popup select Window Capture
  • In the following window Name the Source, we recommend XBOXWindow as the name, Click OK
  • In the Next Window, click the first dropdown and select:
    • [XboxApp.exe]: Xbox
  • Note: If the Window Capture is only showing a black screen, use the Display Capture Source and set it to the monitor which will have the Xbox displayed on it
  • This will set the video capture to whatever is shown in the XBOX app’s feed.

All Done! Congratulations!

That’s it! Now you’ve got an Xbox window on your PC, and your streaming app setup to broadcast it! Now you can add your overlays, your stream alerts, face cams, all that great stuff that makes your stream unique to you!

Bonus: Xbox Controller

As a bonus the Xbox app on your PC is able to communicate directly with your Xbox over your network! this means you can plug your Xbox one controller directly into your PC and it will forward the inputs directly to your Xbox as if it was plugged in! You don’t even need to be in the same room as your Xbox to play with the Xbox App!

Was this How-To helpful? Got any other suggestions? need help troubleshooting? Leave a comment below and tell us how we did, we would love to hear from you!

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