November 30, 2022

Streamlabs – Chatbot, alerts, and more

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Streamlabs is a swiss army knife of add-ons and features to add to your stream. Through Streamlabs integration you will be able to accept donations, show stream alerts,

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Streamlabs is a swiss army knife of add-ons and features to add to your stream.  Through Streamlabs integration you will be able to:

  • Accept Donations
  • Chat Widget
  • Credits Roll
  • Sponsor Banner
  • Spin Wheel
  • Stream alerts (follows, hosts, subscriptions, donations)
  • Stream Boss (minigame using cheers)
  • Tip Jar / Tip Cup
  • View stream analytics/statistics
  • (and much more)

streamlabs features listSetup with Streamlabs is extremely easy.  Once you log in with your twitch or mixer account each feature of the Streamlabs system is displayed on an easy to follow navigation on the left-hand side.

Inside each feature, you are given a brief description and an interface with setup instructions and configuration making it easy to understand and even easier to add to your stream.


The Streamlabs chatbot is a very powerful bot which runs as an app on your computer. You can run the bot in 1 of 2 ways, either as your stream account directly, or you can log in with a secondary “bot account”. We recommend using a bot account with Streamlabs Chatbot.

streamlabs chatbot features list

The Chatbot has loads of features which can add to your stream chat in addition to the usual moderation (bad words, links, etc.).
The features we really enjoy are:

  • Commands – add custom commands and fun things for viewers and mods to have the bot do.
  • Timers – update your chat on social links, upcoming events, or anything you wan to announce.
  • Currency – Most viewers are accustomed to a stream currency of some kind in a channel, and setup for that is very easy with Streamlabs Chatbot.
  • Minigames – Bank Heists, Battles, all sorts of great mini-games for your chat to enjoy
  • Betting – a great way to keep your viewers involved and engaged in what your a playing or crafting or streaming!

What we love about the Chatbot is its ability to show the chat in the app. want means you don’t need to run the twitch or mixer dashboard. You simply the Chatbot in another display and you can keep an eye on chat in a simple easy to follow display. The Chatbot is so great it will even show the proper emote when a viewer uses them!

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