November 30, 2022

Zero To Hero – Anatomy of a Modern Stream Setup

Woman at Video Wall Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash

Woman at Video Wall Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash

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In today’s landscape of streaming, there are hundreds of tools, configurations, and expectations viewers have when visiting a modern stream. While none of these are necessary to a stream setup they certainly help create a unique experience and connection between the streamer and their viewer community. We are going to break down what elements a modern stream is made of and how they help to create a better experience for viewers and a unique identity for a streamer.

Stream Broadcasting

First, in your stream setup, you’ll want to install and configure a broadcasting app. These apps allow you to design your stream with various window captures, camera feeds, text, images, and dozens of plugins to present details on your stream in real-time.

If you haven’t yet, take a look at our best streaming (broadcasting) apps article for a great place to start on setting up your broadcast!

The important aspects of this article are that your broadcasting app will be able to support window/video capture and a browser (Web/URL/HTTP) capture.

Stream Setup: Face Cam

Modern streams and viewers these days have proven that having a face cam is 5 times more likely to get viewers in your stream than not having a face cam. The idea here is that it creates a more interactive experience. If a viewer says something they can see your reaction (a joke, a story, you name it). A face cam is a proven way to increase your viewers.

Adding a face cam is simple. In almost every broadcasting app you can add a Source for Video Capture and then select your webcam from the list of options and position it in the preview window.

Don’t have a Webcam in your stream setup? No problem you can get one easily and we recommend the Logitech C920 webcam, you can pick one up from Amazon here:

Stream Setup: Alerts and Messaging

Having alerts and popups about important events in your stream setup is a huge bonus to your viewers. When viewers subscribe or follow or give bits/cheers/tips/sparks it really makes them feel good when they see that alert popup and tell everyone watching. The best part is the setup can be very easy to do with broadcasting apps!

The first step is identifying a service to use which can provide you with the alerts and popup messages. A few services we recommend:

Once you’ve signed up with the service and walked through their easy configuration of alerts (or left everything as default) they will provide a URL.

  • Copy that URL
  • In your broadcasting app create a new Browser Capture Source
  • Paste the URL as the source for the Browser Capture.
  • Run the Test from the alert service and you’ll see it pop up in your broadcasting app (and stream!)

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