January 31, 2023

Twitch Announces 2020 Emotes Collection

twitch 2020 emote collection
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Earlier this month Twitch announced collections of emotes you can unlock for a limited time on their platform! The Twitch 2020 emotes collection provides emotes that highlight the crazy aspects of this year in hindsight.

How To Unlock the Twitch 2020 Emotes Collection

In a blog post from Twitch they explain how to unlock these 2020 limited emote collections you will need to do the following:

You can unwrap these emotes by cheering 300 bits or more, subscribing, or gifting a sub on any Affiliate or Partner channel.

Twitch Blog, December 2020

What These Emotes Look Like

Twitch Emotes Collection List

Key takeaways from the collection

  • 2020Delivery – The lockdowns and the increase in food deliveries can be attributed to this emote!
  • 2020Pajamas – Working from home in your pajamas became the status quo in 2020.
  • 2020Suspicious – The release of Among Us inspired the comment “is sus” (meaning they are acting suspiciously in-game)
  • 2020Unroll – 2020 spurred a great toilet paper shortage and hoarding of this precious commodity.

Learn More

If you want to know more about what Twitch has to say about their 2020 Emote Collection you can read more here: https://help.twitch.tv/s/article/hindsight-2020?language=en_US&utm_campaign=Hindsight2020_MegaCommerce&_branch_match_id=862869432519536114&utm_medium=MKT_H2020_FAQ&utm_source=Blog

See the Emotes in action

Want to see the emotes in action, or try earning them for your collection? Stop by our recommended twitch channels!

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