November 30, 2022

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Stream Raiders is one of the newest games to play with viewers and allows your stream chat to take part in the game and influence the outcome.

Stream Raiders is a game that allows you as a Stream Captain to build an army from your viewers and battle either other streamers or AI bosses.

How Stream Raiders Works

The streamer starts in either Campaign mode or Versus mode. Stream Raiders sends a link to chat which opens the game in the viewer’s browser. From there, viewers can place units (every few minutes) upgrade their army, spend coins, potions, or scrolls (all of which affect the game). After units are placed, and when the allotted time has elapsed an announcement will be made at which point the Streamer, known as the Stream Captain, can then start the battle.

In Campaign mode, the Stream Captain and their viewer army are sent against AI units and Bosses in an effort to complete matches and claim victory.

In Versus mode, Stream Captains and their viewer armies are pitted against one another in battle.

stream raiders how to play

It is important to note that while the viewers can place units in their view of the game they are unable to watch the battle take place once the stream captain has started the match. This means viewers will need to keep your stream open if they want to watch the battle progress.

How to Setup your Stream

One of the clever designs to stream raiders is in the presentation. The game takes place entirely in the browser so there is no game client to install and no other installation.

Game Setup

To Setup for your stream as a Stream Captain:

  • Simply visit the Stream Raiders website
  • Login with Twitch
  • Select “Play as Captain”
  • Choose Campaign or Versus (Left Side)
  • And you are Good to Go!

Broadcasting Setup

We recommend setting up a separate scene for Stream Raiders. By having its own scene you can quickly jump back and forth between your main game and Stream Raiders. The setup stage is not very entertaining to sit and watch while waiting for the battle timer to countdown.

In your scene you will want to add:

  • Window Capture (See Image Below)
  • Desktop Audio
  • Any overlays you may want
  • Any face camera or video feeds normally part of your stream
Window Capture Settings for Stream Raiders

How to make it work for your Stream

Stream Raiders isn’t designed to be a game that is played minute by minute like other traditional games.

What does this mean for your stream? Well, you want to find moments of downtime in your primary game. Things like waiting for a lobby to fill up, long game loading screens, or just waiting for things to build.

What do you think of Stream Raiders? Leave a comment below about how you use it in your stream, or your favorite features!

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