January 31, 2023

Nexus – Game store for streamers

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Nexus is a service that allows you to create your own game store for your stream. Your community can buy games or DLC packs and you get a small part of the sale. Nexus has a wide variety of titles available especially DLC content.

How it Works

Nexus offers a digital marketplace where your viewers can buy games and downloadable content and nexus will send you a portion of the profit.


Nexus allows you to brand the digital game store with your own imagery, naming, and individualized experience. This allows you to bring your brand’s look and feel from Twitch.

Nexus gives you Creative Control, on their website they say:

Creative Control

Design your Nexus according to your brand in minutes. Choose a theme, upload your assets, and add your content.

Monitizing your brand, nexus game store for streamers.


Nexus gives you the store owner 50% of the profits from each sale. This means after the publisher and developer get their share, then the remainder of the sale is split between you and Nexus.

Payment is made when your store reaches a certain amount. At the time of writing it was $100 in revenue for Nexus to send a payment.

Pricing is set to a level comparable with Steam, Epic, Blizzard, and other games platforms. This means your community won’t pay any extra for you to monetize your brand.

How to use Nexus game store with your stream

Nexus has a great offering of games and DLC content. The best use for Nexus in your stream is to set up your chat-bot to occasionally promote your Nexus store in chat. We also recommend adding a link to nexus in your discord server or adding a panel to your twitch channel to provide a quick link to your Nexus store.

Nexus makes a great alternate revenue stream

Allowing you to brand your store, and drive your viewers to your own storefront allows you to generate an additional stream of revenue. The store is easy to set up, and payments are easy to receive. Head over to Nexus and set up your storefront and tell us what you think in the comments!

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